// understanding

June 28, 2017 10:14 PM

Anytime it happens that you feel a certain way and absolutely no one that you confront understands you, don’t feel at loss. This happens many a times and I have been a victim and also have been that person to not understand someone else. But the thing is, not everyone will understand you and your struggle because frankly if everyone knew what everyone else was going through than how will any struggle be specific and unique to an individual. You don’t need anyone to understand you but yourself. And even when you yourself don’t understand yet the reason why you are feeling this way and what it is that is stabbing at your heart from feeling content, it’s okay. All you must do is to take care of yourself. Instead of questioning your thoughts and your feelings accept them to be true and justified. Sometimes the meaning behind what you are feeling is not clear to you right then and there. Some things take time to show up for you to realize them. Be kind and gentle to yourself especially when you are the only person who is kind and gentle to you. It’s not said enough but be there for yourself too.

No one is here to understand you nor will you sometimes understand yourself and what you are feeling. But the One who knows will surely guide you and protect you. He is all-knowing and all-seeing so much that even your broken words to Him, your duas, your cries for help, He will understand. And He will grant you what you need even when you don’t know what that is.



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