April 22, 2012 7:33 PM

What If.

Life was born and raised

In the arms of a mother

And following the path of a father

Nowhere was there a flaw


In the midst of toys did life learn its first steps

And in the sound of laughter did it respond with words

Not one day did a water droplet tremble down

Not even a drop of drool


Diaper days soon turned into playing tag at recess

“A for apple, B for ball!” Life proudly proclaimed

Learning became a different fun

And creating something new became a game


Life was hand in hand with oh so many friends

Talking with each other, giggling at each other, and whispering together

Everyone breathing the air of happiness

Nowhere was there a flaw


Life turned into a different direction

A teenager was now pacing the halls

With all the best clothes

And just too many friends


Nothing could be more perfect

Everyday was spent with a huge smile


Having fun every moment

Life wasn’t waiting for fun, fun was waiting for life


Now that Life is turning its final page

Weaving all the meaningful days together would take another lifetime

But would create a beautiful flower

The petals representing every moment spent

But of another individual who actually followed his dream


Yarn would run out and pain would flow through these weak bones

But there would be no regrets over living it to the fullest

Instead of just breathing life through

“What if life could have been that ideal.”

“What if starting over was possible.”


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