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August 16, 2017 1:46 AM

Everyone and I mean everyone goes through their own level of pain. But actually that’s precisely how we perceive it, as a “level,” although we shouldn’t. In reality there is no scale for these kinds of concepts as pain and feelings. Everyone’s situation is so unique and complex that no one can say “it’s not as bad for you” simply because they are not the recipient of that sort of pain. God has created us so articulately that every individual has a different threshold for pain and accordingly the test and hardship they will face is determined for them. That’s why I’m here to apologize for ever undermining anyone’s situation by saying that there are worst situations I have known. But I will stress upon the fact that we should learn about those other situations because it only makes us grateful for what we have rather than wishing for what we don’t have.

I truly believe that there are no levels to pain. Pain has no extremes. Pain is there whether it is over a heartbreak or over the loss of a child. God’s glory is in that He doesn’t give anyone more pain than they can already handle. Thus all pain is equal and no one is tested beyond their limits. He balances pain and person. We just need to build our character and develop our habits to be able to heal our pain rather than suffer from it.


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  1. Swarn Gill says:

    Hello Zara. In the spirit of wanting to connect with people who have beautiful hearts but who we might also have some very different worldviews in other ways so I hope we might have some interesting discussions.

    I decided to start with this one because while I agree that we should undermine anyone’s pain this following statement is one that particularly bothers me.

    God’s glory is in that He doesn’t give anyone more pain than they can already handle.

    Setting aside my atheism, I guess how do you reconcile the fact that people are clearly given pain and situations in life they can’t handle, many in situations beyond their control. Given that 25,000 children die in the world each day from starvation, given how many suicides take place how do you reconcile this with the existence of a God who allows people to have such pain? I am not trying to be combative, but I never consider my spiritual journey in life over, but this is a moral question concerning the divine that I can find no clear answer for so was interested in your thoughts given that you are clearly an intelligent and empathic human being. Given that no good human would inflict pain on another to see how much pain they can handle, why would a Divine consciousness do such a thing?

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    1. First, I just want to apologize for this embarrassingly late response. I was preoccupied with other things and so I had this blog on hold. Anyways I truly appreciate you checking out my blog as well as your feedback. As far as your concern and question, I completely understand where you are coming from. As a Muslim, I believe no pain is greater than our blessings. When we feel an immense pain from circumstances we don’t have control over, we believe that God has given us all the tools in life to be able to overcome that pain and those obstacles. It is upon us to maximize our use of these tools. These tools can be intangible like being grateful for the littlest to the biggest of things, and spreading positivity to be able to feel positive, or tangible things such as facilities that we have access to for issues that have a tremendous effect on us mentally (mental health care facilities). I don’t believe that pain is in any way a punishment but it is a call from God to come to Him and to seek Him for peace and comfort. And pain and obstacles in life also provides us a chance for self-growth and self-improvement. We believe, God is telling us to evaluate ourselves and find the strength in us. Thus that line you are referring to means God knows us and our strength and endurance and He wants us to utilize it to overcome our pain and obstacles and come out stronger. There is always room for self-improvement in areas where we think we fall short in and God tests us to be able to engage in that self-improvement. As humans we foolishly ignore the tools that God provides us to be able to conquer our pain and stay grateful. As far as children dying from starvation, death is inevitable for all and there is frankly no way in which a person dies that would be considered less traumatic than the others in comparison. As Muslims, we believe in the afterlife and for us this life is temporary the real life begins after death in heaven or hell. We believe that we are rewarded in the afterlife for all the pain and obstacles trough which God tests us in this life. Everything is being counted for, even a tear drop is written as a tremendous reward for us in the afterlife. Thus the unfortunate event of young souls passing exemplifies the mercy of God in that he took these children back before they would grow up in a merciless environment. He knew these children would suffer in hurt that was beyond their endurance. And because they were innocent and never sinned they will be rewarded and guaranteed heaven. God loves all of his creations so deeply he tests them so they become better versions of themselves and takes their life if He believes they are in an environment causing them pain more than what they can endure, so they return under the mercy of God.


      1. Swarn Gill says:

        Thank you for your thoughtful response. I am not sure there is much point in discussing it further as your faith in unprovable premises defines your worldview and without them there is no answer here. It is clear that your faith might give you comfort in the face of suffering in this world, and all of us need such things, but I feel too much comfort can often be anathema to doing something. But if your faith gives you peace in this world who am I to take that away.

        However I cannot let your statement pass:

        As far as children dying from starvation, death is inevitable for all and there is frankly no way in which a person dies that would be considered less traumatic than the others in comparison.

        This simply isn’t true. You can’t tell me that quietly dying in your sleep after a long and fulfilling life is equally as traumatic as the pain of dying of hunger, and the pain parents must feel in not being able to provide for them. If God was merciful and wanted to call them “home” then mercy would require them to simply be taken painlessly and quickly. Even in our stories a merciful death does not imply great suffering. And when there is famine and greedy warlords stealing food from people, God as an omniscient and omnipotent being has clearly set challenges that are too great for those humans to overcome and is content with letting them suffer before they take their last breath. You may believe in a paradise afterwards, but as a human I would never stand by and watch suffering happen, or let suffering happen even if I knew there were great rewards afterwards. So even in the absence of evidence, this is why the concept of God as Judeo-Christian religions defines it makes absolutely no sense to me. I have for a time believed and it still made no sense. The fact that an all powerful being can allow children to suffer makes that being less moral than myself. And there is no way that the way children are tortured and killed in this world is equivalent an old person dying of natural causes. That is not trauma, that is the natural cycle of life.

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      2. Yea I completely understand you and I agree. I am nowhere trying to say that children starving and left to die is at all okay. But what I am saying is death is something that is traumatic to all no matter how it happens and who is involved. Losing someone is not easy. Just like that miscarriages are also traumatic, being shot, or dying from a car accident is also traumatic. These instances have lasting effects mentally and physically. However having a long and fulfilled life in this life means nothing to us because this life is meant to be difficult. So dying early for us is a good thing in disguise because our time spent here is to determine if we go to heaven or not and if we die as a child we believe that is guaranteed heaven. God is ever so merciful but His people are merciless. One of the five pillars of Islam includes to give zakat, which is to donate a fraction of one’s wealth to the poor and it is obligatory upon us. Besides that we are encouraged to give sadqa which is a voluntary donation given at any point in time, it can be a smile, food, good advice, support, monetary value, materialistic things, etc. People usually give sadqa upon hearing a good news to spread the happiness. Charity is encouraged in all faiths and practiced by all humanitarians. If it was something that all mankind considered mandatory there would be no poverty to begin with and there was this period in history when zakah was first made obligatory at the end of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) time that people lived in economic security. The Prophet ensured that no person was left hungry in the community. The leader following Prophet Muhammad’s death, Khalifa Umar, continued the implementation of zakah and no one be left hungry. The political leaders who might have gone astray from God’s word and changed or abandoned the system of zakah initiated unequal economic statuses of people and that’s when poverty began but the obligatory acts of zakah still remain. Besides the charitable acts of zakah and sadqa, Muslims observe the obligatory month of Ramadan in which we fast for 30 days without eating or drinking anything from sunrise to sunset. We observe this in empathy for all of the less fortunate in this world, to humble ourselves, to rid of any greed that we possess, and to purify our souls and characters with qualities such as patience and gratitude. Just as that even in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and other religions there is a concept of fasting to purify. Thus, I feel people are to blame and not God because the people who are given wealth should give back to their community and to poverty all over. Just like you believe pain is given from God, so are blessings and that’s why He has said to give, give, give to the poor, the orphans, and the captive. The pain given to children starving and families starving is only to an extent to purify their souls and characters. But their pain and suffering is more so a test for the people who have a better economic status. Will we take out from our wealth and give it to the poor? One person can do it, a hundred people can do it but if we do it consistently and collectively will there be an effect on diminishing poverty. When no one is there to feed the poor that is when God takes the poor away from a situation He knows will never benefit them. It is because of His mercy that He takes their life to save them from people who can’t seem to give back even just a fraction of what they earn.


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