February 28, 2017 8:34 PM

“your faith has to be greater than your fear.”


Whether it is fear of dying. Fear of living. Fear of a greater power. Fear of letting go. Fear of letting someone in. Fear of not being loved. Fear of not finding your soulmate. Fear of letting someone down or being let down. Fear of forgiving. Fear of losing. Fear of not finding your purpose. Fear of losing yourself.


With faith you embrace death. Faith lets you live. Faith is more powerful than anyone and any being because Faith has power over even the most powerful thing. They can be knocked down but Faith says no one can even touch me. Faith holds your hand while you let go of anything that no longer serves you. Faith lets you open up to someone and it is the faith between you two that predicts the strength within you two. Faith tells you to keep me with you and you will feel more loved than the love you get from the closest ones to you. Faith says find me first and then I will lead you to your soulmate. Faith also tells you to wait, love yourself and then let someone love you. Faith says turn around and apologize before you continue along your path in misery of letting someone down. Faith says give a little something of yours to them and I will soon give it back. Faith says let them disappoint you and you just wait, wait for them to come back and then forgive them. Faith says I have already forgiven everyone, it is your turn I’ll just whisper to you the words in your heart, and you just listen. Faith will tell you to get back up and to believe in me and to wait. For the reason behind your loss is something you will gain from when the time is right. Faith shows you purpose within itself and tells you to take me along while you search for what Faith knows you are destined to do. Faith says confide in me and you won’t get lost, you’ll be found. every. single. time.


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