// completing half his deen

March 8, 2017 12:05 AM

A man getting you gifts, taking you out on dates, and showering you with endless love before marriage, all of this is meaningless. Get a man who walks away from you for the sake of Allah and for his sake. He walks away from you to build himself up, make himself ready so that his next step in life is to share his life with his soulmate and to complete half his deen. Make himself ready for the beautiful commitment called marriage so that he can get you gifts, take you out on dates, and shower you with endless love, all of it while obeying Allah. But mostly so that he can perfect his relationship with his Allah and his imaan before he shares that with you. Because this, this shows his pure character through his tremendous love for his Allah and compassionate love for you before you’re even his. This shows that he does not want to begin anything with you off of a broken promise but off of a commitment that he will stay faithful forever.

Ya Allah make my soulmate so absolutely in love with you that I immediately fall in love with him.


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  1. Jerry Peri says:

    Awesome post.

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